TracCollar is a Comfortable Traction Collar Designed for Neck Pain Relief

Elegant, comfortable, portable, and is a traction device providing superior control and ease of use.

TracCollar Small (14-16")


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TracCollar Large (16-18")


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TracCollar is available in 2 sizes. Measure your neck circumference in the middle, or some use their shirt collar size: Regular (Red): 14" to 16" (35.5cm to 40.6cm) & Large (blue) 16" to 18" (40.6cm to 45.7cm). If you fall between sizes, choose the large TracCollar size.

The neck or cervical spine is vulnerable to conditions that cause pain and reduce motion. Neck pain often results from poor posture habits when working or sleeping in an awkward position, muscle strain injuries, joint irritation, stress & tension, headaches, arthritis or bulging, herniated discs. TracCollar may help you to improve your posture and provide neck pain relief by gently lifting the weight of your head off of your neck and shoulders providing neck traction, which acts as a decompression force in the cervical spine for doctor recommended relief of neck pain.

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TracCollar Uses

It can be used when watching TV, using a computer at home or work, standing, sitiing and lying down (with a pillow under the head). Because it is compact and lightweight, it is great for use when traveling, so you do not have to go without neck pain relief on the road. TracCollar provides support like a collar, which aids stability of the cervical spine and the traction is wonderful and relaxing for tense muscles, while the dual action pump regulates traction force to a specific side (left or right) if needed or prescribed.